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I just wanted to tell you that you are much appreciated.. thank you for being so patient with my boys and for taking such wonderful pictures of them as well.. It has been a pleasure meeting you, knowing you and growing up in front of your camera there are some people you just feel blessed having met... and you are one of mine.. so thank you! ~ Tiffany Whosis
Tiffany Whosis 9/27/2013
Love her work. She is a sweet lady. You can tell she loves what she does. ~ Richella Dillon
Richella Dillon 9/27/2013
I'm going to tell people how wonderful Meri Crisp Photography is....she does amazing work!!!!!! I love every single picture she has done of my children! ~ Jami Lyn Carr
Jami Lyn Carr 9/27/2013
Meri Crisp is the best photographer ever!!!! ~ Tessa Cliburn
Tessa Cliburn 9/27/2013
I have always been very happy with Meri Crisp Photography. I have many photos of my family that will always be treasured. ~ Shari Henderson Hooberry
Shari Henderson Hooberry 9/27/2013
Thank you Meri for taking care of all the athletes in Pview :) ~ Dina Scarpa
Dina Scarpa 9/27/2013
Meri LOVES children and has children of her own. She know what it takes to get a REAL shot without the fake smiles...LOVE LOVE LOVE her to pieces ~Beverly Foley Nicholson
Beverly Foley Nicholson 9/27/2013
Meri Crisp takes the best pictures of my kids! ~ Becky Severts Shelton
Becky Severts Shelton 9/27/2013
I don't know how many of y'all seen my graduation invitations but they turned out amazing, so amazing that I'm going back to Meri to do Adrian and mines wedding photos and also for our family pictures!! ~ Ashley Ann Burris
Ashley Ann Burris 9/27/2013
Meri Crisp does amazing work and is so wonderful! ~ Brandy Hunter-McCarver
Brandy Hunter-McCarver 9/27/2013
Meri is great! She takes amazing pictures and really works well with kids!!! ~ Missy Williams
Missy Williams 9/27/2013

Kudos to you, once again and I am impressed. I love the photos, thanks for taking the extra time to get the right shot. Whether they be action shots of the kids at a ball game or formal photos they always turn out wonderfully and the price and turn around time is great.

Also the capability to view and order online is great, especially with having out of town relatives, it saves so much time, that’s a really nice feature.

Keep up the good work! Mary Taylor & family
Mary Taylor & family 9/27/2013
Jennifer Hofstetter Gordon "" Meri has great ideas and takes time in order to provide an enjoyable experience. I have been very pleased with all of the pictures she has taken. Her flexibility makes scheduling a session so easy. I love the time she takes. She is also great working with children!!!
Jennifer Hofstetter Gordon 9/27/2013
"Beth Middlecamp" - Meri continually captured my two autistic sons regardless of their moods and tantrums. I have had nothing but positive results and enjoy the sessions and just keeping tabs on her work!
Beth Middlecamp 9/27/2013
Meri always takes perfect photos that capture the moment! Her creativity in selecting settings and poses is truly unique. I always have difficulty deciding which photos to hang on the wall and which to put in the album. Her help in selecting which ones to crop, which ones to group and which ones to enlarge is an asset. Meri and her team are pleasant and understanding. They listen to my ideas, understand my photo fears, and find ways to make everything turn out just right! Two thumbs up for Meri Crisp Photography! :) Karen French
Karen French 9/27/2013